Global Exhibitions Day 2019

The Global Exhibitions Day on 5 June 2019! The #GED19 is open to all who are interested in increasing the visibility of the trade fair industry regionally, but also globally.
In past issues, this initiative has mobilized thousands of industry experts around the world: Associations, trade fair organisers, venues, service providers, universities and individuals.


GED recently took place in Paris, 06 June 2019 - The fourth edition of Global Exhibitions Day attracted great interest this year as industry experts from Australia and Argentina, Norway and South Africa, driven and supported by the 41 partner associations, took part in the celebrations. After the GED, the first activities were reported and monitored by industry experts, companies and associations from around 90 countries and regions, further reinforcing the role of Global Exhibitions Day as the largest lobbying and awareness-raising initiative for the exhibition industry worldwide. "GED is a perfect symbol for our industry. The next GED will be held on Wednesday 3 June 2020.

The FAMAB takes part in #GED19

8 reasons why we love the fair so much:

1. trade fairs and trade fair construction for FAMAB? Indispensable!
Almost nowhere else, creativity, craftsmanship and drawing skills as well as organising, planning and implementation skills come together in one place.
We are fascinated by what the live communication industry can achieve in the shortest possible time. An absolute experience character!

When I became part of this industry ten years ago, an economic psychologist said to me: "The more digitized the world becomes, the more people will hunger for live experiences". I can only agree with that. Trade fairs offer space for encounters with people and brands and enable face2face experiences that awaken emotions and remain in the memory.

3. trade fairs offer a fascinating world for visitors and exhibitors. Creative minds from companies meet here. We are impressed again and again by the progressive realisation
of today's fairs. For us it's hard to imagine life without them!

4 Exhibiting at trade fairs is always a challenge and it is a pleasure to meet people again and get to know new ones.

5. trade fairs - an indispensable part of the German economy.
What would live communication do without trade fairs?
Trade fairs are among the most important marketing instruments and provide the impetus for change into internationality.

6 The trade fair as such corresponds 1:1 to the encounter communication and is therefore indispensable for us and our industry. It is simply not possible without trade fairs.

7 I love trade fairs because I don't go to a car dealership if I want to learn more about flowers. I also don't specifically look for like-minded flower friends at a game convention.
I love trade fairs because I find what I'm looking for focused and themed, and on top of that I meet like-minded people with whom I can exchange ideas, make contacts and, if things go well, achieve mutual benefits.

8 Real encounters are more meaningful today than ever before. Trade fairs combine brand staging and communication with networking and are therefore so important.