Who we are | Our guiding principles

A strong voice for communication.
Pioneering, lively, participatory.

What we are committed to | Our approach

Since 1963, we have been guaranteeing a long-term and effective partnership in our capacity
as an interdisciplinary association. We offer our members valuable services as well as
numerous training opportunities. We establish sector-specific standards, processes and
guidelines for our members.

We generate new job descriptions and get involved in lobbying – we always speak and act
consistently in the interests of our members.

What distinguishes us | Our commitment

We know and understand the sector and the relevant markets with their various currents,
forces and participants. We advise and support companies in finding the right partners for
their projects.

Our members benefit from a unique pool of knowledge and wealth of experience in order
to develop both professionally and personally. Thanks to their diversity and strong ideas,
we set new standards for quality and success – and are also willing to be measured by


INSIGHTS sind Portraits von Menschen, die Markenerlebnisse schaffen. In dieser Reihe portraitieren wir die MacherInnen unserer Mitgliedsunternehmen auf eine sehr persönliche Art und Weise. Sie zeigen uns hier die Orte, an denen sie wirken und erzählen uns von ihren ganz persönlichen Leidenschaften, Sichtweisen und Überzeugungen.

Derzeit sind vier INSIGHTS in der YouTube-Playlist gelistet.