FAMAB member of LiveCom Alliance Pan-European scope of the event industry

Welcome. I’m very pleased FAMAB joined in this important second year of the alliance. Aiming to connect the pan-European event industry, it’s crucial to have Germany as one of the biggest event industries in Europe on board.

The origin.

Inspiration and insights from outside my own country, the Dutch event industry. A bigger picture; that was my aim from the moment I became managing director of IDEA, the Independent Dutch Event Association for the leading Dutch live communication agencies. In order to achieve this, I was introduced to European Best Event Awards. IDEA became association partner, I was also asked to be a jury member and became member of the Advisory Board. From that moment on, I met my European association colleagues several times a year. Inspiring meetings, with lots of interesting insights. But travelling home it was always instant into ‘business as usual’. A pity.

During the first Eubea Advisory Board meeting the idea came up. It took another year to reach the point of no return. On my trip home after the second advisory board meeting, I wrote a plan and I presented LiveCom Alliance during the festival in Seville, November 2015. Ten associations at the table received the idea in a very positive way. So I decided to establish LiveCom Alliance early 2016. Six out of ten countries joined immediately: founding members IDEA (Netherlands) and EVCOM (UK) and also APECATE (Portugal), ACC (Belgium, NAOM (Russia) and AEVEA (Spain). Later that year L’EVENEMENT (France) joined and like FAMAB also EMBA (Austria) joined the alliance at the beginning of this year.

The objectives.

In fact, it’s plain and simple. It’s all about connecting, networking, sharing, learning and inspiring. And building our industry together, by doing this. Connecting. In this digital age with so many tools around, it sounds like a cliché. But honestly, a proper connection helps a lot to get and stay in touch with your peers. Live and online. Networking. This network helps to open up business opportunities, exploring international markets. And especially this is something very valuable for the members of the associations, the agencies. As we speak we are working on tools to enhance this benefit. Sharing. One of the most important goals is to share local best practices. Association products, tools and services which the members are proud of, successfully developed and working very well. Learning. Learning from each other, based on the shared insights and best practices. What can we possibly use within our own association, so our members and our local industry could benefit from that. Inspiring. Last but not least, it’s very inspiring to share award winning cases, visit local events and explore local markets.

Industry Survey.

In our first year, we presented the European Industry Survey. A valuable tradition has born. We are working towards our ultimate goal of creating a value of what our pan-European industry is worth and how many people it employs. We believe this will demonstrate the contribution live communication makes to the European economy and support its continued development.

Building the future of our industry together.

LiveCom Alliance is a platform for associations only. But with direct benefits for the members of those associations, the agencies. And therefore also with indirect influence on the supplier chain, clients and the industry.

Maarten Schram

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Maarten Schram

Maarten Schram is founder and chairman at LiveCom Alliance; a Pan-European network aiming to develop our industry through exchange of local expertise and best practices. Maarten is also managing director at the Independent Dutch Event Association (IDEA), the association for Dutch event and live communication agencies. And since he graduated from the InterCollege Business School in The Hague, he is working in the event and live communication industry for over 20 years. Before accepting his position as managing director at IDEA, Maarten Schram was a director at the well-established Dutch event agency Effectgroep. He believes in developing the industry by bringing local expertise and best practices to Pan-European level.

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