Submission for the FAMAB AWARD is accepted by any participant (customer, agency, partner) of a project. Please state concept ownership if it holds the usage and exploitation rights or has acquired them by transfer.

Between 01.01. of the previous year 30.06. of the award year.

The FAMAB AWARD is awarded in the 5 major categories ARCHITECTURE, EVENT, CROSS, CRAFTS and SPECIAL with a total of 19 sub-categories. You may download an overview here.

You may submit any live-marketing measures such as trade fairs, exhibits, events, PR measures, digital campaigns – including sub-projects. You can find an overview of the categories here.



Submissions are accepted online. The submission tool is open for this purpose from March to July. Follow this link to get to the tool.

You can download the necessary components for the submission in the respective category here.

Use the check list to help you in your preparations. You can download it here.

No, you can spread the submission out over several days. Just make sure that you save after every step. Since an online session expires automatically after 30-45 minutes (depending on browser), it is a good idea to write the texts for the concept guide ahead of time offline and then just copy them. The number of permitted characters (check lists, overviews) includes spaces but not paragraphs markers.

Take into account that the uploaded film submission will be shown online on our website for an extended period of time and in case of nomination also at the award ceremony. Use GEMA-free material or register the music accordingly. The submitter will carry any costs for this.

The participation deadline is on June 30. You may apply in writing for a deadline extension until 31.07. for a fee (see additional fees).

FAMAB members pay € 695 net per submission. This includes two free tickets to the award ceremony.

Non-members pay € 795 net per submission.

Late submissions (after 30.06.) pay a late fee of € 150 until 15.07. € 300 until 31.07.

Corrections to the documentation after final submission by the business office incur a charge of € 90 net (e.g. replacement of film material, regrouping into another category). For smaller changes, like exchanging pictures or text, we charge a fee of € 50 net.

Sumissions from abroad will be subject to an extra fee of 15 € for bank charges.

No. No additional fees are incurred. All publications, e.g. in the BRAND NEW Magazine and the BRAND NEW APP as well as on our website are included in the submission fee.

However, we will require a collage film for the stage presentation. We will approach the nominees about this after the jury meeting.

The interdisciplinary jury will meet from the beginning to mid-September and is composed of customers, agency representatives, architects, trade-fair stand construction companies, and other industry specialists.

The Jury rates creativity and implementation. The main criteria are creation, realization, and integration / networking. The detailed evaluation criteria for each category can be downloaded here.

When determining the shortlist, the jury reserves the right to reclassify submissions within a main category if they feel that the submission can be evaluated better in a different subcategory. This subsequent change will not cost you anything, of course (see additional fees).

In the main categories ARCHITECTURE, EVENT, and CROSS, we will award Golden, Silver, and Bronze Apples. 90 evaluation points are needed to win a Golden Apple, 80 for Silver, and 75 for Bronze.

In the main categories CRAFTS and SPECIAL, one Apple will be awarded to each subcategory to the highest ranked project. However, to qualify the project a minimum of 75 points must be obtained. This apple is white and is counted as a Golden Apple in the creative rankings.

All winners will also receive certificates for itself and its customers / partners as defined in the submitter bow.

All submitting parties will receive a written confirmation as to whether they were nominated directly after the jury meetings.

The next award ceremony will be on 23.11.2017 in the "Forum am Schlosspark" in Ludwigsburg.

The winners will be published on the day of the award via the social media channels of FAMAB and on the day after the awards ceremony on our website. This is also where all other submissions will be published.

Winners of the FAMAB AWARD will receive creative points for the creative ranking of the specialized media  w&v, Horizont  and the ranking in the Blach Report. The Apples receive the second highest multiplication factor.

Should you not find an answer to your questions here, please feel free to contact our team at any time via phone or E-Mail. We also have chosen experts for you who have either been in the jury or been among the winners themselves to help you answer your questions. You will find all contact data on this site.

In addition, we will hold free webinars on the submission procedures from March to June. You can find all dates and access information for the respective next webinar here.